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Our sponsors

The CLEPIC 2023 sponsors include

Platinium sponsors

Analityk Genetyka founded in 2018, based on former OpenExome (2012-2018) company resources, is bonded with Analityk company creating joined structure called the Analityk Group. Both companies operate accordingly as sub-distributor and distributor of 10x Genomics and Illumina Inc. in Poland. Our mission is to provide comprehensive solutions for the study of heterogeneity of biological samples such as single cell analysis and spatial transcriptomics followed by NGS sample study.

Screenshot from 2023-03-22 17-27-24.png

We are a team made of people having both national and international laboratory experience, and consolidated problem-solving skills; our main purpose is not only to provide customers with our products, but also with solutions, answering scientific and technical questions, as well as representing their constant reference point.
HERE ARE OUR MAIN PILLARS: CYTOMETRY: Innovative Cytometry Tools, MOLECULAR: Molecular Cells Applications, CELLULAR: Cellular Devices and Applications, PATHOLOGY: Cancer Diagnostic, TECHNICAL LAB FURNITURE.


Gold sponsors

Silver sponsors


Also known as "The Epigenetics Company”, Zymo Research was an early adopter in the epigenetics field and received much attention for its rapidly expanding portfolio of epigenetics products and services with a strong focus on DNA methylation. As sequencing prices drop and multi-omics applications become more prominent, even more exciting epigenetics revelations will soon be on the horizon.
Today Zymo Research creates some of the most technologically advanced products available to researchers, driven by the fundamental belief that the beauty of science is to make things simple.


A&A Biotechnology is a Polish biotech company that develops and produces innovative tools for the life science industry. It was founded in 1993. 
The company has its own research laboratories and production facilities.
A&A Biotechnology offer includes DNA and RNA isolation kits, PCR and reverse transcription reagents, cloning and transformation reagents, molecular biology reagents and services. The company also have facilities able to produce high volume of molecular biology - grade enzymes.

Personal Genomics is a medical genetics laboratory, based in Italy, which is authorised and certified to perform genomic services based on NGS. Our lab carries out genomic analyses and interpretation of NGS data for research and clinical markets. Personal Genomics main activities are mainly: clinical interpretation of target and whole genome NGS data, RNA-sequencing, microbial sequencing/metagenomics and de-novo assembly. Moreover, our lab is also involved as a partner in several Italian/EU-funded projects.


Sponsoring opportunities

You can find our sponsor package in the table below

Additionally, we can offer (contact us for details):

  • Option to sponsor a session with visible company logo in the session description in the conference program

  • Option to sponsor a coffee break

  • Option to sponsor lunch

  • Option to sponsor poster viewing banquet

  • Option to co-sponsor the conference dinner at the to increase visibility 

  • Option to rent a conference room for commercial seminars meetings

  • Option to rent rooms for the informal meeting 

  • Option to sponsor best poster presentations

To discuss sponsoring opportunities,
please contact us at

Conference venue floors plan

Floor ground.png

Type of sponsorship

Price EUR


Option 4

Contact us

Fully customized option

Option 3

Contact us

All included in Option 1 and 2, plus:

  1. stand at the conference venue on the 1st floor

  2. access to the auditorium where 30 min satellite seminar during the conference can be organised 

  3. access to the auditorium for informal meetings

  4. two-person access to the conference

  5. option to choose one session as sponsored session with visible company logo in the session description in the conference program and on screens before and after session

Option 2

Contact us

All included in Option 1, plus:

  1. stand at the conference venue on the 2nd floor

  2. 2 commercial flyers distributed to participants

  3. one-person access to the conference 

Option 1

Contact us

  1. logo and up to 30 words company description with contact details in abstract book

  2. your company logo will be presented on the symposium homepage, during the event in the break sessions, and printed conference agenda & proceedings

  3. your company logo visible in various e-mail communication with participants

  4. 1 commercial flyer distributed to participants

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