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Clinical Epigenetics International Conference


Szczecin, Poland

State-of-the-art Science

CLEPIC 2022 features a strong line up of speakers and its selected abstracts and poster sessions will reflect the latest in epigenetics research. The program will offer ample opportunities to meet peers and exchange knowledge and ideas.

Broaden your network

Organized by the Clinical Epigenetics and Epigenetics Communications journals, CLEPIC offers the unique opportunity to meet many editors of the two Springer Nature journals, covering all aspects of epigenetics. This event thus will be an unmissable opportunity to connect with the international (molecular and clinical) epigenetics community.

Great social program

We will meet in Szczecin, Poland's seventh-largest city and major seaport: and will be hosted by the Pomeranian Medical University in Szczecin. The program offers ample opportunities to socialize with peers of all subdisciplines. Poster presentations with finger food, a conference diner in the beautiful Ducal Castle, and all lunches are included in the package.

Why join us?


Lucia Altucci, Marianne Rots

Editors in Chief

Scientists need to meet to stay up-to-date within and beyond one’s own research field, to exchange and fuel new ideas, to keep inspired and to inspire others. Corona-volente, we aim to offer you such platform by bringing together the editors, authors and readers of Clinical Epigenetics as well as the newly launched Epigenetics Communications. Moreover, we will invite industrial partners and public bodies, with a focus on training the next generation of multidisciplinary multi-epiomics scientists. This conference starts a series of annual conferences devoted to fully exploiting the many applications of epigenetics in health and disease as well as in all kingdoms of life (biotech, crop breeding, etc.).
Looking forward to meeting and greeting many of you in a relaxed atmosphere full of state-of-the-art epigenetics!

The need to greet and meet

Zdjęcie JM Rektor PUM.JPG

Bogusław Machaliński

Rector, Pomeranian Medical University in Szczecin

"On behalf of Pomeranian Medical University in Szczecin, it is my pleasure to welcome participants of the Clinical Epigenetics International Conference I am looking forward to meeting you in June."


Tomasz K. Wojdacz

CLEPIC Organizing Committee

"On behalf of the organizing committee, I am delighted to announce Clinical Epigenetics International Conference 2022. The event will aim to unite and facilitate communication in the field through 3 days of talks, poster sessions and social events. We are excited to work on this event and looking forward to welcoming participants in Szczecin."

Session topics

Epigenetic Mechanisms

Cause versus consequence, order of events, context-specificity: although increasing insights have been obtained in epigenetic mechanisms the last decade, recent technologies unveil a high complexity with respect to mechanisms. This session will discuss some recent developments in our understanding.

Epigenetics of disease

Epigenome-wide association as well as focussed studies have pinpointed epigenetic dysregulations as major factors in various pathophysiologies. This session will discuss some recent insights and how these can be translated to benefit patients,

Development and Ageing

Already before the start of life, epigenetic reprogramming is essential is controlling and maintaining cell identity. As we grow old, these mechanisms might go wrong associating epigenetics with healthy ageing and in the future maybe with rejuvenation.

Cancer Epigenetics

Most knowledge on epigenetic dysregulation is achieved in oncology with clinical drugs being approved. This session will focus on current advances in cancer epigenetics.

Epigenomic approaches across the tree of life

To stimulate cross-fertilisation between epigenetic insights in all kingdoms of life, this session provides a platform to exchange knowledge and explore model systems.

Talks selected from Abstracts

Talks in this session will offer a platform for young scientist to showcase their work and will future research selected from submitted abstracts.

Computational analysis of epigenomes

With the rapid developments in omics data analyses this session will address main trends in bioinformatics analysis in epigenetic studies.

Epigenetic Biomarkers

Epigenetics biomarkers have a chance to significantly impact personalized medicine. This session will focus on the translation aspect of the epigenetic biomarkers research, especially in liquid biopsies applications.

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